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Dear Players,

Today, it is with great pleasure that I announce the official release of CoN Mobile on both Android and iOS devices!

When the Early Access program kicked off we had a list of features planned to be infused at later dates, and finally, I am very excited to inform you that the final feature has made its way into the mobile client of CoN as of today – Missiles! So when better than now to launch iOS and Android out of Early Access in tandem with our Missile release.

In preparation for the launch we have extensively tweaked, toned, and chiseled all areas of the application to meet our standards, and nuked the parts which do not – reading further down you will find overhauled menus, dialogues, user experience interface tweaks, and much more.

We still have some features left to polish and add in to the game, but today, we are celebrating the official launch of CoN on Mobile. Careful attention was made to transmute the experience from desktop to handheld, so we are excited to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Without further ado, read the change logs below, or better yet, download the game to see the changes for yourself!