Conflict of Nations

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Welcome to Conflict of Nations

Real-Time Grand Strategy

Conflict of Nations is a real-time grand-strategy game, where warfare can endure for weeks as players vie for the top position on the map. The game offers a diverse range of different maps to play on, with some supporting over 100 players at a time.

Flex your strategic muscles and fight to conquer the rest!

Compete With or Against Other Players

Get ready to hold off aggressive neighbors, while working behind the scenes to negotiate strategic coalitions with other countries. Outside of specific games, establish a permanent team through our intricate alliance system and challenge other alliances in dedicated alliance games.

Persistent Game Matches

New games are constantly being created in Conflict of Nations, available under both normal and 4x speeds. Stay attentive of everything that is going on in the world and be prepared to quickly respond to war declarations and rebel insurgencies, as you fight to ensure your populations support your leadership and your road to complete conquest!

Choose your nation & conquer others

Command full scale armies on land, sea and sky as you go to war and push for world domination. Will you join other leaders to jointly conduct war, or will you go it alone and stand against the world? Prove yourself on the field Commander and etch your name in the annals of history!

Join the community

Join our active community on the Forum, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Get news about recent updates, and learn new tips and tricks from our pro players, check us out now!

Available on Google Play Apple Store