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Dear players,

Today is a very exciting day! – you are cordially invited to participate in our EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM on the Play Store for Android devices (iOS coming soon)

With Early Access we are happy to give all players the chance get an early look at the mobile application in its current state of development. All you need is a device running Android Version 8 and at least 2 GB of RAM, and you’re good to go!

During this phase we will be collecting player data and information so that we can refine the game further in anticipation for final release.

As we continue to develop and work on the Early build your feedback and reports are an essential part of the process. You can do so through this form.

What can you expect?:

  • First access to Conflict of Nations via any mobile device
  • Your web account will carry over to mobile as long as you login with the same credentials or use the same login method (Facebook)
  • Many features available on web/Steam versions can be found on mobile, with the exception of current work in progress:
    • Missiles
    • Air assault
    • Multiple Constructions/Mobilizations (bugs might be encountered especially when combined with queuing)
    • Other features such as Retreat, Demolishing, Rush and Delay
    • Bug reports