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Career Paths

Our team is a multidisciplinary one and we offer career opportunities in various fields

We believe in not only allowing our team to make the best use of their talents and creativity, but we also believe in fostering their potential to continue both their personal and professional growth within the game industry.

Game Design

Our Game Design team works on ensuring that both new features introduced to the game, as well as existing features, are implemented properly to ensure a positive balanced experience. Our Game Designers work towards creating new units, work on intricate game balancing, and come up with new maps and scenarios where our players can engage in war!

“At Dorado Games I've found a second family of fun and friendly individuals. People are always ready to lend a helping hand and give advice, and I've learned loads about how to be a better designer in my time here. Having an amazing coffee machine doesn't hurt as well.”

Paul PortanierLead Map Designer

Game Development

If you love playing around with code, and are proficient in languages such as Javascript, PHP and CSS, game development might be the path for you. Development provides for exciting challenges and interesting obstacles to conquer as you work to continue adding features to our game and contribute to a better product.

Dorado Games is a great company as it cares about employees and understands the importance of having a good work/life balance. From my first day I felt welcomed by the amazing team and I love the projects we get to work on and I cannot leave out our incredibly awesome office!

Michelle FalzonFront-End Developer


At some point lines of code will have to get transformed into form and color, and this is where our Art team comes in. Visuals are an important part of any game and are a key part of making it attractive to new players. Our art team focuses on art design for both the game and for our marketing efforts, creating original 2D and 3D content. The Art team presents an amazing opportunity to put your creative talents to work and contribute to our game’s visual fidelity

Dorado Games was my first experience working with a team of people as passionate about video games as I am, and after a few years working alongside this happy family, all I can say is - I wish I had joined sooner!

Daniel MerciecaArtist

Dorado Games offered me my first experience in the games industry, and I can confidently say it was the best career decision I have ever made. Dorado offers a great environment to hone your skills and work with very talented people. They make you feel valued and ensure that your ideas have space to grow and impact your work.

Mark Abdilla MifsudCommunity Manager

Community Management

Community Management is all about fostering a strong community of players to ensure our lifeline remains happy and content with what our game offers. Our Community Managers not only assist players with everyday questions and issues, but also host a strong Discord, set up weekly community events and manage special beta testing with a select number of our dedicated playerbase!

Quality Assurance

Our QA team is the last line of defense between the new features and changes crafted by our developers and designers on one hand, and our final product on the other. As part of the QA team, you will assist in reproducing bugs and issues, ensure that new changes do not have adverse impacts on other areas of the game, and work hand in hand with the Community team to investigate player reported issues.

My experience at Dorado was (and still is) pretty surreal. With frequent games nights and after-office drinks, wonderful discussions throughout the day and constant support and guidance from every colleague. Dorado Games better resembles the characteristics of a growing family rather than a place to work. But we DO work... hard. I can promise you that.

Keith MifsudQuality Assurance Manager


Game analytics are the people responsible for quantitative measuring, metrics, and tools that will be used to track events within a game to capture data for statistical analysis. The aim of the game analytics platform is to generate insights to inform design to be able to make educated decisions in regards to the game.

We also recognise the importance of properly investing in our team’s different capabilities, and therefore encourage movement within the company.

Your journey at Dorado Games will never be a single trajectory, but will take you on an exciting path where you will not only continue building on your current knowledge, but will introduce you to new disciplines and exciting challenges.

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