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Application Advice (All Positions)

Please ensure your documents are concise, well readable and correct submitted via email to jobs@doradogames.com – containing below topics:


Cover Letter


● Tell us why you want to work for Dorado Games and how you want to contribute to the team

● Detail your qualities and unique traits that differentiate you from others

● Describe your communication and collaboration style and where you learned and applied it

● Explain how you organize your job and work on your tasks: What tools do you use? How do you balance tasks while remaining on top of deadlines?

  How do you stay creative when you’ve got a schedule to keep?




● Prove that you’ve got the skillset to be a great member of the team

● List work experience or freelance projects where you’ve been an active part of the development and release process

● Display your formal education and emphasize the job related parts

● Describe any other function or responsibility you’ve held, helping us understand what kind of person you are


Portfolio / Track Record


● Your Portfolio or Product Track Record will inevitably vary, depending on your skills and expertise. In general you should endeavor to submit complete work examples, providing digital links to your work and/or e­mailed archive files  

● For artists a portfolio page is a great way to showcase your work and ensure that it’s quick and easy to review. If you have an online site with your work, please make sure to include your latest work, and tell us specifically what to focus on when browsing.

● For developers select relevant code / documentation and planning samples and make sure they are annotated to facilitate review. Please make also sure to add a short explation to each sample and why you selected it (e.g. Did you solve a technical problem in an elegant / modular / extendable way?)